no justice. no peace.

On August 9th 2014, eighteen year young Michael Brown was shot down by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. What happened to Michael is all too common in America. 1,450 people have been killed by the police between May 2013 and August 2014, many of them young. Here are fourteen who have been killed by police since August 9th:

August 14th. Diana Showman. 19. San Jose, California.

August 24th. Roshad McIntosh. 19. Chicago, Illinois.

August 27th. Sergio Ramos. 18. Dallas, Texas.

September 3rd. Karen Cifuentes. 19. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

September 19th. Levi Weaver. 18. Polk County, Georgia.

September 22nd, Cameron Tillman, 14, Terrebonne, Louisiana.

September 26th. Dillon McGee. 18. Jackson, Tennessee.

October 2nd. Miguel Benton. 19. Dekalb County, Georgia.

October 9th. Vonderritt Myers Jr. 18. St. Louis, Missouri.

October 10th. Quesean Whitten. 18. Columbus, Ohio.

October 21st. Laquan McDonald. 17. Chicago, Illinois.

October 26th. Jeffrey Holden. 18. Wichita, Kansas.

November 21st. Cary Smith Viramontes. 18. Long Beach, California.

November 22nd. Tamir Rice. 12. Cleveland, Ohio.